What is the Significance of Mangal sutra?

        Jewelry is the fashion accessory used by most of the women all over the world. But in India, it is different there is the jewelry that worn by women to show their bond of love with her husband. It is a mangal sutra that is tied during her wedding. Indian women have more sentiments with the mangal sutra that they wear. It was made with pure gold that bring more value between the husband and wife. Mangal and sutra that brings the term Mangal sutra. Mangal which means auspicious and the sutra is the word which means thread. The groom ties the auspicious thread in the neck of the bride to prove that he considered her as his lifeline and his better half.

     Mangal Sutra is considered a symbol of marriage in India and the types of mangal sutra will differ according to the culture and caste that followed by them. Mangal Sutra is tied during the wedding with 3 knots that determine three different meaning. The first knot that means the dedication towards her husband and the second one for the dedication towards her husband family and the third one for the devotion for the god. The mangal sutra brings various health benefits for the women. The pure gold and the ayurvedic thread will help them in the development of the immune system and make the blood flow normally. Classy Event Decors have a big role in wedding photography as well as the Wedding Decorators in Pondicherry.

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