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Your wedding is one of the happiest moments of you and your loved one’s life. It is the day that almost everybody fantasizes about. To make this moment a remarkable event to be cherished throughout your life, you need planning. For this, you may consider hiring wedding planners, which has become quite popular lately.

If you are already looking for that one amazing wedding planner, to help you with everything that spells wedding, you have landed at the right platform; we are the top Wedding planner in Pondicherry and we could be your best choice to make.

With our prior experience and knowledge in planning weddings and organizing events, our team brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to wedding design, planning, and event management merged with traditional wedding etiquette.

Our team will be with you in every step of the way. Starting from budget formation & adhering to it, to vendor research & selection.

We are more than just decorators and planners; we strive to create a harmonious connection between your heart and our decoration for decades to come. We are also known as the best Wedding decorators in Pondicherry; as we put our heart and soul into making the decoration the highlight of the wedding.

Many have a misconception that hiring a wedding planner is associated with only high profile wedding. However, it is not so. Is your budget low? If yes, still you can hire us, the best wedding planner in Pondicherry; we offer service to weddings with varied budgets.

Moreover, by joining hands with us, you could save money!!!

Because of our years of experience, we know market & industry standards, which include price point. Regardless of your budget, we help you get the most bangs for your buck.

And there are people who would say, “It’s our wedding, we want to plan it”. We totally understand it & Your wedding is designed in a way that suits your desire.

India is a land of celebration, and the wedding being the most celebrated one irrespective of religion. But, often, this most celebrated occasion can be stressful.

Sometimes, the bride and groom find that planning a wedding give rise to tension between them and their families. Our teams of wedding coordinators know how to handle these situations and our team acts as the middle person to help avoid conflicts.

You cannot deny the fact that, something always goes less than exactly as planned at every wedding. Whether it’s big or small, noticeable or not, our team is well trained to put out these “fires” making sure you and your guests don’t even know they occurred.

We at Classy Event Decors aim at achieving your wedding goals, and exceeding your expectations is our mission. This is irrespective of your budget. 

Stage Backdrop

Wedding wants to pack up your richness life in front of the stage only, it’s a prestigious factor for every couple and their family too, the backdrop will emboss and resemble you at the grand matrimony.

Florists & Flower Decorations

Life makes you happiness during the most surprising and exciting moment, its make true with attractive flower decorations beyond and in front of you, we narrate that what you expect and module it with creative garden.

Receive Entrance Backdrop

Welcome your guest with the smile is, such a paramount moment to receive the all relatives and guest at a place of the entrance gate, spontaneous thing to do creative the receive backdrop as welcome spot and its bring a special name for express good attention to everyone.

Wedding Hall Decorations

Interiors and hall decorations is a vital role of the wedding hall, we create and change the hall as most beautiful atmosphere, while the arrival of guests and relatives its great to see and feel good with pleasure. The appearance of every direction of properties gets more visible and attractive one.

Mandap Decorations

The engaged marriage takes place at the middle of mandap decorations, while both of couple walk around for their traditional pattern and get the blessing in front of all people, its pleasure to look at the mandap backdrop decorations as “Manavarai” and decorate by flowers and other accessories.

Wedding Car Decorations

Decorative the car is essential for the new wedding couple to enjoy their first ride full of the delighted moment, and the most precious thing is that gift of the brand new car.

 Surrounding Pondicherry Wedding Hall List:


  • Abirami Residency 
  • Accord Hotel 
  • Adigalar Mandapam
  • Alps Residency
  • Ambal Mandapam
  • Amma Thirumana Mandapam
  • Anandha Inn 
  • Anandha Mandapam 
  • Anandha Thirumana Nilayam 
  • Annai Periyanayagi Mahal 
  • Annamalai Hotel
  • Anthoniyar Mahal 
  • Archana Residency 
  • ASG Thirumana Mahal
  • Ashok Beach Resort
  • Atithi Hotel
  • AVN Mahal 
  • AVRK Mahal 


  • BKN Auditorium
  • Block 24 Community hall
  • Bon Sejour Hotel (6)


  • Celebration Hall


  • DP Saraswathi Thirumana Mahal


  • Grand Serenaa Hotel 
  • GRT Sunway 


  • Harsha Gardens 
  • HMK Mahal
  • Hotel Ashoka 
  • Hotel Green Palace 
  • Hotel Subha Grand 


  • I the Hotel 


  • Jai Mahal
  • Janani Thirumana Maligai
  • Jayaram Hotel 
  • Jayaram Thirumana Nilayam 
  • Jeeva Rukmani Theatre
  • Jipmer Community Hall
  • Junior Kuppanna 
  • JVS Mandapam


  • Kalaignar Arivalayam
  • Kandhan Mandapam 
  • Kasturi Mandapam
  • KNT Mahal 
  • Kottakuppam 
  • KSR Mahal 
  • Kurinji Nagar Community Hall 


  • Lalitha Mahal
  • Le Royal Park 
  • Lions Rotary Hall
  • Logalakshmi Mahal 


  • Mangalakshmi Murugesanar 
  • Manicka Mudaliar 
  • Mass Hotel 
  • Mayor Muthupillai Mahal 
  • MK Stalin Hall 


  • Neyveli Vaniga Valagam
  • NT Mahal 


  • Outdoor


  • Paris Mahal
  • Parvathi Thirumana Nilaiyam 
  • Ponmani Arangam
  • Ponnusamy Hotel 
  • Prince Park Resort


  • Rajesh Mandapam 
  • Ramalingam Anjutham Mahal 
  • Ram International Hotel
  • Reddiar Kalyana Mandapam 
  • Rina Mahal
  • RKN Beach Resort 


  • Sai Baba Tirumana Mandapam 
  • Samikannu Thirumana Mandapam
  • Shenbaga Hotel
  • Shree Raja Rajeshwari Madapam
  • Shri Lalitha Mahal 
  • Shri Thangamayil Thirumana Mandapam 
  • SNR Mandapam
  • Sougan Hall 
  • Sozhia Chettiyar Community Hall
  • Sri Devi Mahal
  • Sri Sairam Mahal 
  • Sri Subhalakshmi Mahal 
  • St Antony’s Mahal 
  • Subalakshmi Mahal 
  • Subalakshmi Tirumana Mahal 
  • Sulochana Bangaru Thirumana Mandapam
  • Sunway Manor
  • Surguru Hotel 
  • SVP Farm House 


  • Thamizh Thirumana Maligai 
  • Thavamani Marriage Hall 
  • The Residency Hotel 
  • Thirukadaiyur Temple 
  • Thirumuthugundram Mandapam


  • Ungal Vasanta Bhavan 


  • Vel Sokkanathan Thirumana Nilayam 
  • Vespa Showroom
  • Vijay Mahal
  • VV Arumuga 

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