Wedding Decorators in Pondicherry

Classy Event Decors gives you clearance about the selection of best Wedding plans. The colors, themes, and style bring perfection and the decorations become more fascinating. We have the best Wedding decorators in Pondicherry and we will guide you in all aspects.

Make you wedding look Classy with our Wedding Planners in Pondicherry

Our Specialized team has years of experience in Wedding Planners in Pondicherry with understandable and creative thinking of the Wedding Day. Our experience will make your wedding more epic and unique.

We also do Makeup and Photoshoots for Bride and Groom, Stage decorations, DJ Set Stage, Balloon decoration (Where you can feel the Pleasant moment of your wedding). We do additional decorations like Arch decoration, Chair bouquets. It gives your wedding decorations a boost. This makes your wedding look luxurious.

We do lighting and make the wedding more class, the lightings that can make your photography more beautiful along with our decoration.

Wedding Decorators in Pondicherry can make your Wedding as per your themes like Royal Weddings and more, Centerpieces are a must for a Royal Wedding. We do that here which can be a comfortable look for everyone like a small Flower in a jar (Table decorations, Pew decorations, Seating)
Not alone Royal Wedding, we also decorate for Birthday Parties, Family functions, Anniversary, Celebration events.

Your Wedding, Your Style

If you are looking for an ideal and unique theme for your Wedding Function then come and look at the Wedding Planners in Pondicherry. We have the best hands in Wedding decorations and planning.

You can choose the color patterns and themes for your wedding, list down all the decorative things you need, for example, Unique dinnerware, table cloths, flowers, etc We can make you all the decorations at low cost and even suggest some of our ideas which will be some more creative to your plan and cost-effective. We do both Modern and Traditional decorations, So we will do as per your wish. The Guest Rooms are maintained clean and will provide the needs for guests.

Don’t wait, start booking now and concentrate on your wedding works as per your schedule. Now for more queries contact us +91 82205 89333, +91 75399 97333. We are available in Trichy and pondicherry. Or fill out below form.

Classy Event Decors is not only the best Wedding Decorators in Trichy but also in other major cities. We are glad to inform you that we offer the services which include: