Latest trends in Indian weddings

As a Wedding Planner in Pondicherry, we are very updated about the latest trends that are followed in the international wedding. So that we bring more changes to the Indian wedding. We always like the styles by the mix of Indian tradition with the western tradition. Some of the latest trends that catch our eyes may help you to make your wedding more trendy. The bridal showers are the most following trend nowadays that is showering a bridal girl with a lot of gifts and fun with playing games with the bride. We can see this bride bridal shower event in most of the Indian wedding.

          The tossing of the bouquet is another fun game that makes the wedding more fun than normal. The brides will be blindfolded and given a boutique and make her to handover that to another single girl. That single girl who gets the boutique will be married next. It makes the wedding moment more fun and you will see the bride will be happier. You may so many wedding that the wedding couple will be standing in the stage and the dinner will be provided at the ground but now its totally changed by Wedding Decorators in Trichy. Now the places will be allocated to the wedding couple and guests and they make some fun activities and talks about the couple and wish them to live happier.

         The first dance of the couple is another trend that is followed and it been recorded as the memory. This wedding trend will give the best lovable memory for both the couple and their family to see the happy face of the bride. The wedding will be uncompleted without wedding gifts. More gifts for the wedding bride will make her happier. We classy events are following the latest trends to make your wedding more beautiful. We are also the best Event Management in Pondicherry who makes your events to the next level.

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