Why you should select the best photography for your wedding?

A wedding day is the most memorable day of anyone’s life. In our country, the wedding is not only a bond between two souls but a celebration between two families. A lot of planning goes into deciding the venue, decorations, food, and photography. Nowadays,  has become a huge deal. It is the way to preserve […]

What is the Significance of Mangal sutra?

        Jewelry is the fashion accessory used by most of the women all over the world. But in India, it is different there is the jewelry that worn by women to show their bond of love with her husband. It is a mangal sutra that is tied during her wedding. Indian women have more sentiments […]

Destination wedding in India

In olden days mostly destination weddings where takes place in foreign countries. But now a number of destination weddings are seen in India. This looks very cool in the outdoor or beach. There are many beautiful places for the destination wedding. Mostly it looks more beautiful on the beachside. Many of the resorts have the […]

New wedding trends in India

Once fashion trends have changed year by year but now the wedding trends are changing like that. There are so many creative wedding events are been done. The trends in the wedding are so much improved than the olden days. There are so many ideas that you can implement in your wedding to make it […]