Latest trends in Indian weddings

As a Wedding Planner in Pondicherry, we are very updated about the latest trends that are followed in the international wedding. So that we bring more changes to the Indian wedding. We always like the styles by the mix of Indian tradition with the western tradition. Some of the latest trends that catch our eyes […]

Why you should select the best photography for your wedding?

A wedding day is the most memorable day of anyone’s life. In our country, the wedding is not only a bond between two souls but a celebration between two families. A lot of planning goes into deciding the venue, decorations, food, and photography. Nowadays,  has become a huge deal. It is the way to preserve […]

What is the Significance of Mangal sutra?

        Jewelry is the fashion accessory used by most of the women all over the world. But in India, it is different there is the jewelry that worn by women to show their bond of love with her husband. It is a mangal sutra that is tied during her wedding. Indian women have more sentiments […]